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  • Our Wooden Reels:
  • Respect the environment
  • Are Biodegradable
  • Use 100% Renewable Lumber
  • Help protect nature
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Our group, today with more than 70 years of history, is among the fifteen largest forestry groups in Brazil and it is the leading worldwide manufacturer of wooden reels for electrical cable companies.

With 7 production plants in Brazil, Spain, Bahrain, USA, Mexico and Colombia, Madem Group produces and supply more than 150 customers in 40 countries.

Quality and environment are important items in our process, enhanced by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

The human factor is our major asset in the company and our 700 collaborators are provided transport, meals, medical and dental service and several other benefits.

We are proud of all these aspects that make Madem a dynamic innovative team constantly growing.


The Madem Reels Group directly captured more carbon from atmosphere than its emissions, positively contributing to mitigate the climate changes.

The group has closed its inventory of Greenhouse Effect gases, under advice of Ecofinance Negocios (www.grupoecofinance.com.br), scoring a higher total by integrating Scope 3 sources.

In 2022, taking biogenic and fossil emissions into account, the group captured more gases than it emitted through the natural carbon capture provided by its cultivated forests.

Furthermore, the accumulated inventory from native and cultivated forests accounts for more than 195 times the fossil emissions.

“We are proud of our companies and teams worldwide, who are successfully performing their environmental mission. We are evenly fulfilled to share our long-term commitment with all 200 Wire & Cable customers over 45 countries.” Reports the Global Sales and Marketing Director, Leandro Mazzoccato. The next step of this project consists of the continuous search for environmental improvements and advancement in energy efficiency throughout our operations.

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Mostardas's Management Plan

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Resumo Público do Plano de Manejo Mostardas RS

Rio Negro's Management Plan

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Resumo Público do Plano de Manejo Florestal

Policy Integrated Management System Euromadem

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Policy Integrated Management System Euromadem

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